Are you sick of not being able to lose weight?

Struggling with cravings?

Finding it hard to get motivated?

Do you lack confidence because of your weight?

Tried everything to lose weight but still end up at square one?

Just want to be able to flaunt your body with confidence?

Feel like don't have enough willpower to lose it and keep it off for life?

If so keep reading because I have the ultimate solution for you that is going to change your life forever!

Let me guess.....

You are a spiritual babe and you are dying to know how to apply spiritual techniques to lose weight.

Well hun today is your lucky day because I have developed this program especially for you!

Overcome Your Weight Loss Blocks Once And For All

End The Cycle Of Self Sabotage Around Food

Release The Excess Weight Forever As A Result Of Shifting On An Energetic Level

Let Go Of The Limiting Beliefs That Keep You From Staying Motivated

Stop Eating In A Way That Makes You Prone To Weight Gain With The Power Of Attraction

Attract Less Desire For Sugar On A Subconscious Level

Adopt The Mindset Of A Naturally Slim Person

Lose Weight With Abosolute Ease Leaving People Wondering How You Did It

You see a few years ago I was feeling just like you are right now... 

I know exactly what it's like to have tried everything when it comes to weight loss and still feeling like a failure.  

It is my purpose to teach you that there's a huge piece missing that no one has told you about yet and that I know you are dying to know about.  

So I want you to know that from today onwards, that is all about to change for you... By divine timing you are here for a reason  

You are ready and this is the Universe giving you that tap on the shoulder that it's time to end the madness and try something that actually aligns with you  

My name is Barbara Orban and I was a yo-yo dieter and emotional eater for over 10 years. 

I gained weight easily when I strayed and felt ashamed to show myself in public during times when I was “failing” with my eating.  

I envied skinny bitches that seemed to eat whatever they wanted and maintain slim figures with ease.  

I felt like I had been doomed with a slow metabolism because every time I ate bread or pasta I would put on weight.  

I felt left out when others would enjoy cake or pizza and I turned it down to prevent weight gain.  

I would sign up for all the gimmick programs that promise that you will lose 30 pounds in a week.  

I would go really well for periods of time eating healthy only to end up over eating or worse bingeing on mudcake, chocolate, ice-cream, nutella and anything else in sight. Then feeling immense guilt and shame once the food was finished and I was hit with the reality of what I had just done.  

I felt like I didn’t deserve to eat fattening foods because I wasn’t skinny enough to justify eating it and I felt judged if I ate those foods.  

I felt lost when it came to knowing what advice to follow and who to listen to. I would spend endless hours googling for the answers only to find fad diets, weight loss gimmicks and money grabbing pills and shakes, personal training programs that just did not get me anywhere and left me angry and saying a big F*ck You to the weight loss industry.  

I got to the point where I was just tempted to conclude that getting fatter as I got older was inevitable and that my weight gain was due to reasons out of my control.


"Barbara's Manifest Weight-Loss Course was REVOLUTIONARY. As someone who deeply resonates with the messaging of being able to manifest ANYTHING, for some reason, I haven't been applying the Law of Attraction to my weight... until I came across Barb's course.  

You know when they say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear? This was the most perfect example of this.  

Within just 30 minutes of sitting down to watch module one, I realized what was my biggest hold-up to FREEING myself of the limiting beliefs I had around food and my weight-- it was the fact that I had been demonizing food groups and believing that certain food groups were better than others. The belief that some would make me thin, while others would make me fat.  

And here's the problem: The very food groups that I would demonize would be the ones that I would crave consistently... then feel GUILTY for giving into them... and then OF COURSE I would end up gaining weight. My energy around food was entirely messed up.  

Since taking Barbara's course, I've felt freedom like I've never felt before. The way that she breaks down her explanations and shares her strategies is easy for ANYONE to apply. Even if you think you "already know this stuff," which BELIEVE ME, I could easily have kept that mindset and held myself from transforming, this course will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  

You deserve to be thin. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to ENJOY food. You deserve to enjoy your LIFE!  

Do yourself a favor and get your mind BLOWN by this course. You'll not only see results like never before, but you will also FEEL your best. You'll no longer have to overthink your diet, your exercise regimen, calories, macros, and everything in between. You'll just get to BE. You'll get to relax and manifest your perfect weight just because THAT is exactly what you deserve. Your beliefs & thoughts will finally align with the reality that you have been trying to create your entire life. This course is magic!  

Thank you so much for helping me have this massive breakthrough. I can't thank you enough & can't wait for more beautiful women to come across your work and enroll into this course <3"

  -Kathrin Zenkina Master Manifestation Coach Founder of Manifestation Babe 


The course is released to you in over three days of amazing transformational videos and audios with daily homework.

In each of the three days, you will learn exactly how to apply the law of attraction with my special tools and tips to shift your mindset and energy around food, your weight and metabolism to allow your body to shed the excess weight that you don't desire.


Learn What Manifesting Is & Why It's Important If You Want To Lose Weight Learn Why Weight Loss Isn't Just About Cutting Out Junk Food Learn Why Your Thoughts Matter In Getting To The Weight You Have Always Wanted The Psychology Of Weight Loss And Science Behind Our Sabotaging Behaviours Learn Why Visualizing Weight Loss Isn't Enough And Everything Else You Need to Be Doing Getting Clear on What You Want And How To Set The Right Goals To Stay Motivated Transforming Limiting Beliefs, Shifting Energy To Overcome Weight Loss Blocks


I Break Down My 5 Steps To Manifesting Weight Loss How To Become An Energetic Match To Your Happiest Weight Ever The Crucial Switch You Need To Make To Be Like The Naturally Slim And Not Diet The #1 Tool On What To Do When You Have Cravings How To Manifest Less Desire For Sugar The Transformation Homework That Will Bust Through Your Weight Loss Blocks


Knowing What Action To Take Instead Of Being Overwhelmed With Dieting Choices Weight Loss Manifesting Mistakes & How To Fix Them Eliminating Subconscious Blocks That Keep You From Losing Weight How To Manifest A Faster Metabolism How To Lose The Weight Without Self Sabotage & Without Gaining It Back Change Your Life Forever With The Transformational Tools & Homework  

This course is held completely online. You have completely unlimited replays.  

After payment you will receive an email. You will then register and have access to Day One of the Program.

The three 45 minute to 100 minute modules have been recorded for you.

You will be given access to Day Two the next day. Day Three will be opened to you 1 day after that.  

At the end of the three days, you will have access to all three modules through the No Diet Babe member dashboard for your convienience.  

Video's can be viewed anytime via membership portal or downloaded as audio for your convenience.  

Feel free retake the course whenever you like to solidify your new mindset!  

You’ll have all course content forever. The access never goes away!

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