It's Time To Go From Diet Crazed To Losing Weight Forever!

Sweetheart For So Many Years You Have...

  •  Struggled With Diets  
  •  Stressed About Your Food Intake
  •  Lacked Will Power Around Food
  •  Battled With Emotional Eating  
  •  Struggled With Sugar And Food Addiction  


  • Sabotaged Your Weight Loss
  • Felt Uncomfortable In Your Body
  • Felt Guilty When You Cheat On Your Diet
  • Struggled With Constant Cravings
  • Been Trying To Lose Weight Without REAL results


 You embark on a new journey promising yourself that you will eat healthy this time, that this time around will be different. You cut out sugar, reduce carbs & feel great....

But at some point you will get a taste of chocolate and you sabotage all your efforts and eventually you gain ALL the weight back...

BABES I have been keeping this from you, but I can’t hold on any longer. I have secrets on how I lost AND maintain my 30 pound weight loss with ease that not even your personal trainer or health coach knows about!  

Girl, I know you’ve been dying to know why you can’t fit into your skinny jeans even though you have tried to eat healthy and exercise!  

You CAN have slimmer thighs, a smaller waist, feel confident and be proud of your body without cutting out chocolate, wine or carbs.  

You CAN be motivated to eat right to lose weight, without always relying on your will power (we all know what happens to will power after a stressful day).  

You CAN look good Without sacrificing a social life  

You CAN Feel sexy without endless hours of cardio  

You CAN reduce sugar cravings WITHOUT cutting out sugar (Yes I know crazy right?) Let me guess babe you are:  

Sick of not fitting into your old jeans – YES!  

Sick of shopping for clothes in a bigger size you want to admit to being – YES!  

Sick of starting your journey over and over because you are only motivated at the start and then lose track when you slip up - YES!  

You feel FEAR what if I always stay like this forever and never lose weight or gain even more?  

You feel ANGER, why me, why am I like this, why can’t I look after myself, why am I so bad at this, why can’t I control myself?  

You are ashamed to wear certain outfits so you cover up and You feel DESPAIR shopping for clothes in a bigger size and this is really triggering some negative emotions in you  

You DOUBT your ability to control yourself around food and your ability to stick to anything and It feels easier to ignore the weight because even if you do manage to lose weight it’s always short lived and you have to deal with the trauma of gaining it all back and looking like a complete failure  

PANIC about the number on the scales and If you do weigh yourself, you are in a bad mood for hours, even days  

You feel disgust towards your body when you catch your reflection in a store window that leaves you feeling angry and upset with yourself  

You dread photos being taken of yourself on your “fat” days at all costs because seeing yourself in a photo looking fat makes you feel sick to your core.  

Not to mention Social DILEMMAs where you feel angst when you get invited to eat at social events because you are on some restrictive meal plan and feel guilty if you stray from your plan  

You keep on trying to plan how you are going to fit into that dress but NEVER seem to get there.  

When you dive deep into weight loss psyche and finally see what it’s like from going from a fat mindset to a slim mindset you feel ease when making decisions on what to eat rather than making decisions based on fear.  

You feel confident in knowing how much food to eat rather than guessing and wondering what you should be doing.  

You wake up each morning knowing that you are losing weight successfully.  

You get to the point where you feel like weight issues are a distant memory.  

It feels like a former life and you wonder why on Earth people are still allowing themselves to struggle with weight issues when you have the solution!  

Don’t be mistaken into thinking I have always been slim with ease. I was just like you, I totally get it, I struggled with my weight for over 10 years. 

My name is Barbara Orban and I was always a yo-yo dieter. I gained weight easily when I strayed and felt ashamed to show myself in public during times when I was “failing” with my eating. I envied skinny bitches that seemed to eat whatever they wanted and maintain slim figures with ease. I felt like I had been doomed with a slow metabolism because every time I ate bread or pasta I would put on weight. I felt left out when others would enjoy cake or pizza and I turned it down to prevent weight gain. I would sign up for all the gimmick programs that promise that you will lose 30 pounds in a week. I would go really well for periods of time eating healthy only to end up over eating or worse bingeing on mudcake, chocolate, ice-cream, nutella and anything else in sight. Then feeling immense guilt and shame once the food was finished and I was hit with the reality of what I had just done. I felt like I didn’t deserve to eat fattening foods because I wasn’t skinny enough to justify eating it and I felt judged if I ate those foods. I felt lost when it came to knowing what advice to follow and who to listen to. I would spend endless hours googling for the answers only to find fad diets, weight loss gimmicks and money grabbing pills and shakes, personal training programs that just did not get me anywhere and left me angry and saying a big F*ck You to the weight loss industry. I got to the point where I was just tempted to conclude that getting fatter as I got older was inevitable and that my weight gain was due to reasons out of my control.

But thankfully I didn’t give up and it all changed when I realised the weight loss industry myths that kept me fatter than I should be:  











AND I discovered the real problems:  

Problem #1 – people don’t know what drives their motivation and their eating behaviours – SOLVED WITH NO DIET BABE I TELL YOU HOW WHAT DRIVES YOUR MOTIVATION AND BEHAVIOUR  

Problem #2 – people don’t understand the regulatory mechanisms of the body that keep weight at a set point and blame themselves for a system that is designed to keep them alive - SOLVED WITH NO DIET BABE I TEACH YOU HOW TO OUTSMART YOUR OWN BODY’S REGULATORY SYSTEMS WITH SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY  

Problem #3 – people don’t know how much to eat and what to eat and end up following a meal plan that isn’t designed specifically for their body type - SOLVED WITH NO DIET BABE I SHOW YOU HOW TO EAT INTUITIVELY WITH FLEXIBLITY AND CONTROL

Problem #4 - people don't understand the importance of their thoughts and how their thoughts create their reality - SOLVED WITH NO DIET BABE I SHOW YOU HOW TO MANIFEST WEIGHT LOSS AND MANIFEST CONTROL AROUND FOOD

I’m so grateful babe that I didn’t give up and after countless books, programs, I realised that all the programs out there had different aspects of success that I needed to piece together like a puzzle. After tearing my hair out with years of trial and error, I figured it out and it actually worked.  

Here I am three years later sharing with you what I done to get here and maintain this weight loss now for years.  

I am going to teach you HOW to let go of the dieting and deprivation mindset so that you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to say goodbye to food.  

A personal trainer whips your body for like a 60 min session, get ready for a brain ass kick that is going to whip your brain into thinking like a slim person FOREVER  

I am going to teach and show you:  

  •  How To Avoid Self-Sabotage

  •  Avoid Plateau Of Weight Loss Like With Other Popular Methods Such As Keto Or Paleo  

  •  How To Prevent Rebound Binges So That You Dont Gain Weight Back

  •  Retrain Your Appetite So You Dont Struggle With Cravings All The Time

  •  Learn How To Shift The Biochemical Processes With Your Brain Chemistry To Gear Your Body Into Weight Loss – simplified so that you understand no matter what your level of knowledge 

  •  Psychological Tricks That Chemically Change Your Appetite Hormones So That You Feel Satisfied Whilst Losing Weight

  •  Tricks To Reduce The Hunger Hormone Ghrelin And Increase The Appetite Suppressing Hormone Leptin So That You Aren’t Battling Against Your Body’s Desire To Keep You Fat 

  •  Eat Intuitively Without Eating Too Much So That You Lose Weight Without Dieting

  •  Reduce Anxiety Around Food Decisions So That You Don’t Panic Next Time You Are Presented With A Plate Of Chocolate Chip Cookies 

  • How To End Stress Eating, Emotional Eating, Bored Eating Or I See Food And Then I Eat Food Eating So That You Don’t Sabotage Your Weight Loss 

  • Get Ahead Of Your Food Impulses So That When They Hit You Are Armed To Know What To Do


PLUS you get No Diet Babe Academy workbooks, meditations and cheat sheets

I got you girlfriend, I want to make sure you get to apply and live this new mindset and lifestyle  

PLUS you get access to the PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS ONLY Facebook community group so you can connect with others that are taking the course, support each other, share wisdom & love together and to even find an accountability bestie!  

BONUS you get cravings meditations, cravings worksheets, coping with feelings meditations, e-books with information about exercise and how to avoid weight gain  

You get 4 CORE MODULES completely held online with an exclusive membership to the No Diet Babe Academy Platform  

You get over 10 teaching videos with a total of 10+ hours of priceless secrets delivered to you in the form of videos with downloadable summaries/slides, workbooks and action plans, so you can learn AND implement the content.  

The content is available to you 24/7 so you can login and go through the Academy at your own pace AND you get to keep this content forever so that you get unlimited replays!  

The great thing that women LOVE about this course the ability to listen to the content anytime whilst you are in the car, doing housework or taking a walk! This alone is priceless because we can get busy!  

Module One and bonuses Opens for you as soon as you register, Bonuses open up 48 hours after that.  

You will be given access to Module Two, 5 days later. Module Three will be opened to you 7 days after that. Module Four will be opened to you 7 days after that.  

You have all course content for life.  

I have done over 8 years of research including reading tonnes of books, scientific research articles, I’ve done nutritional and exercise programs from tonnes of expert personal trainers all over the world. I’ve worked with many weight loss and fitness modelling coaches, in addition I’ve read tonnes of books and done tonnes of different online courses and programs for eating psychology/psychology in general and self-help courses.  

I have a background in health with a health science degree giving me an understanding of the body which extends waaay beyond what I learnt from also my health and nutrition coaching certificate, my eating psychology certificate AND my personal training certificate. I am also certified as a coach for eating issues which is created by psychologists. I have literally covered so many different aspects of knowledge to give you a holistic – all round approach that you WILL NOT find in the one course other than this one!  

I have managed to defy the odds and lose 30 pounds despite getting older and entering my thirties where you are meant to get fatter and instead wear smaller clothing than I did in high school!  

I’ve gone from a US size 8-10 to a size 2-4 (AUS size 12-14 to size 6-8)  

So I have literally dropped 3-4 dress sizes and maintained this effortlessly, 

I am truly a naturally skinny chic now.  

I even am at the point where my boyfriend couldn’t believe that I ever had a weight issue because he assumed that I’ve always been naturally slim.  

I have literally made women stop overeating, cravings, food addictions, obsessions and binge eating in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days.  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you are stress eater, bored eater, emotional eater, I see food I eat food eater!  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you have a boyfriend/partner/husband/spouse/housemate/children who are picky eaters  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you have to eat the same meals as your boyfriend/partner/husband/spouse/housemate/children  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you have struggled with your weight your whole life  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you have a poor relationship with food  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you don’t believe in yourself right now, TRUST ME you will  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you have a slow metabolism  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you have fat genes  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you think you are too old  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you are a beginner and have no idea what to do  

You can lose weight EVEN IF you are a health coach or personal trainer – GUESS WHAT, I coach loads of Personal trainers, Health coaches and Nutritionists!

Get ready to become a portion controlling, weight loss mindset QUEEN  

Take this quote from Gal Gadot – the actor who plays Wonder Woman she says:  

“I don’t restrict myself; I can eat everything. It’s all a matter of measurements and quantity of the food.”  

The take home from that is – I eat everything. Now if this woman playing wonder woman can eat pasta and chocolate then why the hell can’t you?  


No Diet Babes are happy, healthy And confident! WE don't believe in restriction, avoiding food and FAD diets!

Restricting yourself to fit into a size is terrible! It’s hard, it feels icky AND it’s not healthy! 

No No No what we have to do is literally change your psychology. What this refers to is Neuroplasticity, or brainplasticity, which is the brain's ability to CHANGE throughout life.  

I help you create new neural pathways in the brain and strengthen them so that you create a new way of living. I literally feel that struggling with weight was a former life. It’s not a joke it’s proven in science that your brain has the ability to change. This isn’t about believing in yourself right now, I am going to teach you how to do that too because that too is just about neuroplasticity and creating newer, better and stronger neural pathways so that you do believe in yourself.  


“I was depressed that I was still dealing with emotional eating, bingeing, etc. after 7+ years. Food was the enemy and it was on my mind 24/7. I always craved sugar, and always caved into my cravings to fulfil an emotional need (comfort, love, peace, etc.) Even though I am technically at a “healthy weight”, the binge eating habits / mindless gorging on food made me feel like a pig- fat, sloppy, & unhealthy.  

During the coaching with Barbara I felt hopeful, supported, not judged, and confident.  

The result after finishing the coaching with Barbara is that I feel successful, empowered, grateful, beautiful, & totally in control of my decisions.  

My biggest breakthroughs from this program are my ability to pause and mindfully assess true reasons behind eating & food choices, freedom from food anxiety in social situations & guilt after overeating, using the law of attraction (trust, faith) to maintain a positive mindset.  

I now look at food as a way to lovingly care for and nourish my body. I can enjoy food once again because I don’t feel guilty about eating and no longer restrict my food choices. I see how it brings me and my loved ones together.  

By the grace of God, my emotional eating and binge eating habits have stopped! I now turn to prayer / mindfulness consistently instead of food when feeling negative emotions.  

I am confident that I can continue losing weight, but this time, I approach it from a mindset of self love and not hate, from trust and not fear. My husband noticed that I don’t have severe restrictions any longer and that I go out with my girlfriends more than ever!  

My days at work are more productive – I’m not crashed out on sugar I can actually live & enjoy&my life, not obsessed about food!  

I have never been more grateful in my life!  

I can truly say I really love myself now. I feel the closest I’ve ever been to God. I have full trust & faith in Him so I can move on to bigger & better things and quit overthinking food/weightloss.  

Barbara was amazing! She was the final piece of the puzzle for me – putting everything I know about eating issues/weight loss into ONE ACTIONABLE PLAN that covers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. She created personal strategies for me to help me overcome my biggest problems. Barb truly showed how much she cared about me individually.  

I really love her videos! I still watch them just to reinforce everything I’ve learned. Sometimes I hear her Australian accent when I recall some of her teachings  

If you are here and considering working with Barbara then I would tell you that: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” It’s no accident that you learned about this course. If you are sick & tired of emotional and binge eating, sign up, watch the videos, do the homework, apply what you learn, and be completely open minded about her approach. You WILL succeed!  

Don’t look at her program as a cost – look at it as an investment for your future. This investment rewards dividends that are PRICELESS – peace of mind, self-love, self-compassion, & patience!” -Grace  

So you are probably wondering, there are soooo many weight loss courses and programs out there! Why would I choose this one?  

This ONE teaches you about:  

how to eat intuitively without gaining weight

information on what the hell macros are and why they matter  

teaches you how to speed up your metabolism  

how to get over cravings without cutting out sugar or carbs  

clears up all the confusion about exercising  

shows you how to stay motivated  

improves your relationship with your body and food  

teaches you how to decrease your appetite and manipulate weight hormones leptin and ghrelin  

teaches you how to manage food addictions, compulsions, chocolate calling out your name, binge eating, stress eating, emotional eating, bored eating, I see food then I eat it eating AND includes worksheets and meditations!!!!  

  ALSO EVERY single other weight loss program out there FORGETS the physiological adaptations of the body! Meaning your body wants to remain the same! It is designed to maintain homeostasis!! This means balance!  

This means if you upset the balance by taking away carbs or the food supply it panics!  

Even worse cutting out certain foods or lowering your carbs doesn’t address the reasons why you have a large appetite in the first place! Think about it… What happens when you are placed in a position where you can’t follow the rules of your diet? What happens then? You feel overwhelmed, anxious and helpless because you know that as soon as you stray off the diet the weight comes back on, it’s so scary! The weight comes back on when you stop the diet! How is this long term management when you restrict carbs and then as soon as you eat carbs again you put on weight.  


Seriously hun I KNOW you don’t want to spend the cash on the many many courses that I had to do and the countless books and so much more to get all this information.  

I've combined so much knowledge here for you that will save you years trying to accumulate it all.

And seriously MOST weight loss courses and programs are complete BS  

I know you have been googling the shit out of losing weight and seriously how far has that got you babe?  

I see the same recycled shit in every weight loss course and program out there.  

Avoid this, avoid that, RESTRICT RESTRICT RESTRICT, eat less and workout  

Seriously if it was just about having a meal plan and working out wouldn’t we all be skinny by now?  

Billions of dollars are spent on the weight loss industry and the more we spend on weight loss products the fatter we seem to get! Seriously most of the crap out there are lies!  

One of the biggest bullshit things I used to fall for were these FAD diets such as PALEO, ATKINS, what’s the latest craze? KETO! Seriously it’s nothing new, all they do is manipulate macronutrients. However they do it to the EXTREME. BUT we already know that EXTREME doesn’t work. Restriction doesn’t work, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. And if I would have stayed on the FAD diet train I wouldn’t be here either because I’d still weight 30 pounds heavier by now, probably even more know what these diets do to your psyche.  

They all FAIL to take into account the fact that our psychology governs the biochemistry of the body. This means that your brain is in charge of all the chemical processes in the body. Your thinking affects your physiology. This is proven in science time and time again with every reputable study having to use placebos because of the power of the mind. Now don’t be afraid here, my Academy explains everything so simply you don’t even have to understand ANY scientific jargon. I have created this Academy specifically so you don’t have to worry about that. I have made it so simple to understand inside the course AND I teach you how to create new habits by creating newer and stronger neural pathways in the brain because guess what? We will take advantage of your brainplasticity, which is the brain's ability to CHANGE throughout your entire life, no matter who you are, what your upbringing, what your genetics.  



  •  You want a temporary quick fix 
  •  You believe that you aren’t responsible for what happens in your life 
  •  You want to create a bagillion excuses as to why you can’t lose weight 
  •  You don’t want to learn something new 
  •  You want someone else to do the work & want to throw money at a problem & expect it to be fixed without implementing a thing  



You are ready to stop making excuses and do something that works You are ready to learn the smart way to lose weight You are excited to get out of your comfort zone and apply the techniques that I teach You are ready to commit, address limiting beliefs, shift your mindset and eager to do the work to get results

Let me break it down for you... Cue Beyonce music: “ok LADIES now let’s get information”

The Course Is Held Online & Has 10+ Hours of Juicy Content Delivered To You In The Members Area As Video Format With Unlimited Replays, Which You Can Also Listen To Whilst Doing Other Things and Download The Slides To Refer To. Worksheets, Meditations, Meal Plan/Macro Information, You Get So Much BABE

Let go of the mindset that no longer serves you.

Learn a healthy and positive mindset so that your body feels safe to let go of the fat. 

Learn mindset strategies that help you develop positive thoughts and outlook on food and life so that your mind decides that success is the only option. 

Learn the clear-cut reasons why people eat too much and self-sabotage and how to overcome this so that you no longer have a weight issue. 

Psychologically gear yourself to be motivated and address your limiting beliefs and perfectionist mindset so that you stop sabotaging your weight loss. 

Re-Set Your Metabolism & Body Image

Learn about nutrition science and re-setting your metabolic potential 

Learn about macro-nutrients and intuitive eating and how to create meal plans that combines both bodies of knowledge to metabolism, bust plateau’s, prevent rebound binge weight and raging hunger monster moods. 

I help you address your body image issues and how to work through them. 

I uncover in depth the dangers of conventional diets and how most programs that are marketed to you are accidentally geared to keep you in the cycle of gaining and losing the same weight over and over. 

I teach you how you can outsmart the body’s regulatory systems, or your set point, so that you can lose weight.

Feel Satisfied & Have Control Around Food

I teach you my unique method of how to eat that actually influences your weight hormones: ghrelin the hunger hormone and leptin the appetite suppressant with new scientific research. 

I dive into working with the body’s hunger and fullness systems so that you uncover your innate ability to look after yourself and feel satisfied whilst losing weight. 

I uncover how to get the body to be energetically aligned to weight loss and she also busts through some common exercise myths and how exercising incorrectly can sometimes hinder your results. 

We work the steps to finding your hidden eating issues that prevent you from building the life that you long to live. 

Emotions, Food & Why You Eat

Now we pin point the reasons why you over eat and the unconscious thought patterns that give you a large appetite you so that you can reduce excess triggers to eat too much. 

I will teach you how to implement strategies for stress eating, bored eating, emotional eating, binge eating, sugar addiction and eat when you see food eating. 

I will show you how your stress or anxiety drives your appetite up and how to develop coping skills so that you don’t feel crazy and moody whilst losing weight. 

You will learn self-care practices that heal your food urges so that you don’t have to avoid situations that involve food.


Meditations, Worksheets & Cheat Sheets

Cravings Meditation & Worksheet

Letting Feelings Flow Meditation

14 Days Free Meal Panning App Used By Nutritionists

Post Binge Meditation When You Feel Guilty About Food

Mindset Cheat Sheet

This Course is Everything You Need To Know About: 

Nutrition Science

Eating Psychology

Manifesting Your Ideal Body

Holy shit diamonds I am excited for you to learn this stuff babe!  

IMAGINE your life 3 months from now, 6 months from now, 2 years from now.  

When you wake up in the morning realising that you did it, you finally got to your happy, desired weight.  

You put on your skinny jeans, do the button up with ease.  

You get to wear the clothes you always felt didn’t compliment your figure but now they do. You catch your reflection in the mirror and you like what you see. You know you look good!  

You eat your breakfast and go to work, you don’t even notice the muffins on the table at work, you no longer fear or obsess because you trust yourself and you no longer feel hungry all the time and struggle to fight pesky cravings when presented with trigger foods.  

You reflect to yourself on how good it felt to buy new dresses and tops and fit into a size you never imagined in your wildest dreams you would be wearing.  

You look forward to wearing a bikini on your vacation coming up.  

You feel proud that you don’t have to avoid the chocolate isle at the shops, because it’s just food and it doesn’t cause you to panic anymore because you trust yourself.  

You feel confident knowing that you are in control and food isn’t scary anymore. You have an inner knowing that you are in control of your weight.  

You run into an old friend and they are dying to know your secret to losing weight and looking so good!  

Let’s face it, time is going by anyway, are you going to spend the next few weeks searching for a solution, trying gimmick detoxes, or worse, trying to go at it alone and STILL being in the same position in weeks, months or years to come?  

Decide that it’s your time now. It is your time to get what you have desired for so long. Do this for you, do this to set a good example for others. Do this so your partner and friends don’t have to listen to you winge about your weight anymore.  

I got 99 problems but my weight ain’t one 

pssst who am I kidding this program will shift you in so many ways you will finally be happy again!  


What will this Academy teach me?  

I will teach you all you need to know about how to have healthy habits with food, your body and your mind. You will learn sensible eating habits, eating intuitively and mindfully and improve your relationship with food so that you can become a Portion Control Queen. I use cognitive strategies that help you develop a positive mindset so that your mind decides that success is the only option. In addition to this I give you scientific, practical advice about meal planning and how much food to eat and what to eat so you can lose weight with ease. This is a complete overhaul and makeover of your mind and a reboot of everything you have ever learnt about weight loss. I literally teach you everything that goes on inside the brain of someone who is naturally slim so that you can implement it in your life and become the most fabulous version of yourself.  

What happens after I sign up?  

You should be redirected straight away to create a special username and password to login, if you have another course with us please select the option to use your existing account (email if you have issues). You will be sent an email (please check junk mail) with a link to the exclusive membership only registration page as well if you miss the redirection when you click out of the window. You should recieve the email immediately but sometimes there is a delay! Please be patient it shouldn't be too long! You will then have access to Module One Videos, worksheets and bonuses to get you started. You will have a link to sign up for the Private Group and you can get started RIGHT AWAY  

Are you available to offer support and answer my questions?

We do give you access to a private facebook group where you can connect with others who have the same course. However at this stage I am no longer answering questions or offering support with this course. It is a self-paced stand alone course without additional support. You can sign up for my high level containers which have massive support and ask me all your questions via group coaching and private coaching.

What if don’t buy this right now?  

This course will not always be open and available. Even if you can't listen to the content right now - you get to secure it and then listen to the content. Also - how long have you been trying to lose weight? How long have you longed for a solution to your distress? Isn't it worth it to invest in yourself?

What if I don’t have the time right now?  

No problem! You have access to this course forever babe! You have access and unlimited replays. Just invest now and get to it when you have more time. I usually listen to content while doing things like housework or driving too so it’s easy to fit it in here and there!  


What happens if I can’t afford it right now?  

I don't use the word "can't afford" and I personally don't believe or find any reason to ever use such a limiting word. I respect that people have other priorities but there's no such thing as "can't afford" it's all about what is your priority. My body and mind and self development is far more important than anything and I have been known to spend more on self development than my mortgage repayments many times. I also invested in self development as a student when I was on Centrelink payments of $100 per week I'd put courses on my credit card because it was a priority to me. It's about what YOU decide is more important. You have spent so much time and mental energy worrying about your weight, isn’t it about time you put an end to that?  

Isn’t it time to put yourself first and start looking after yourself?  

If you genuinely want to change your life you can find a way to purchase it.  

What if I’m a health coach or personal trainer?  

Great! I coach many personal trainers and health coaches! So many understand nutrition and exercise inside out but don’t understand psychology and the reasons why that despite knowing nutrition they still can’t control themselves around food. I do ask however that you don’t promote your services inside my groups, that you don’t share my content to non-members or use my content without my permission. Failure to do so will result in termination of your membership.  

How is this course different to all the other weight loss programs and courses out there and why should I enrol in this one?  

All the other weight loss programs, healthy eating plans, detoxes out there are based on the fact that if you CUT certain foods out you will reduce your calories.  

So you’re eating more food, perhaps but I guarantee that your calories are lower, too low in fact which is why you plateau and get cravings. It’s a no brainer that if you cut out grains or sugar that you will reduce your calories, you shouldn’t pay anyone for that advice.  

However most fall into the trap of reducing their calories too much, ending up becoming a crazy, raging, hungry bitch and then eating all the food in sight and blaming THEMSELVES for a problem that is not their fault but about the misinformation that they have been given. Why does EVERY single weight loss program out there FORGET the physiological adaptations of the body??  

Meaning your body wants to remain the same! It is designed to maintain homeostasis!! This means balance! This means if you upset the balance by taking away carbs or the food supply it panics! Even worse cutting out certain foods or lowering your carbs doesn’t address the reasons why you have a large appetite in the first place!  

Think about it… What happens when you are placed in a position where you can’t follow the rules of your diet? What happens then? You feel overwhelmed, anxious and helpless because you know that as soon as you stray off the diet the weight comes back on, it’s so scary! The weight comes back on when you stop the diet! How is this long term management when you restrict carbs and then as soon as you eat carbs again you put on weight. The problem isn’t the carbs, the problem isn’t in your ability to process the carbs, the problem is the mindset that you are on a diet and the mindset that food is scarce, that carbs are scarce. The real problem is that you are not prepared with the information on HOW to eat all foods in moderation, but I will teach you this! In all the other weight loss programs there is a HUGE GAP!

Do you guarantee specific results?  

I know deep down in my bones, I know in my heart that this system works but you don’t know that yet, therefore I’m asking you to take the risk.  

So many people can benefit from the information in this Academy. I want to make a difference in the world because I feel so bad that women all over the world are given the wrong information over and over when it comes to weight loss. I was one of those women who spent THOUSANDS of dollars on programs that ended up being recycled versions of stuff I already knew, or worse taught me stuff that kept me in the yo-yo weight trap! So often I was told how often to exercise and what to eat, but that didn’t stop me from eating family sized jars of Nutella by the spoonful. I understand that buying things online can be scary and you might even be sceptical! But I want you to know that this content has helped me and so many other women and it's such a small investment compared to how this information will change your life forever.

YOU are the only one who thinks your thoughts - therefore only you have the power to change your life - a course will guide you but you can't expect to buy a course and not implement the work. YOU need to decide to make this work and if you are ready for that LEAP this course is perfect for you.

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So what’s the investment. First of all the changes I have made in my life by implementing this system is priceless. I mean I could just say how can you put a price on fitting into a size you have always longed to wear, but this is SO MUCH bigger than that.  

Ok now back to the cost! Seriously add up the cost of a personal trainer $60-$80 per session x 3 session per week for 12 weeks= $2,160 - $2,880!!! But I'm not asking you to pay that!  

I used to spend this much on trying to lose weight and it was not worth the investment because as soon as I stopped the weight would come back on!  

You won’t even get a few weeks personal training the price of this course and you will not get these results from a personal trainer or gym membership alone.  

I could charge upwards of $1000 for this course and I will soon because this is exclusive knowledge. However, I am dying every time I see women fall prey to the wrong information and are delusional because they can’t see the bigger picture and how they are exhausting themselves trying to lose weight and yet still end up back at square one over and over and over again, so I want you to have this right now for a special price.  

Take a moment to think now, what would it cost to finally let go of your excess weight, let go of the anxiety and shame around your weight and food and to wake up each morning loving your body and liking what you see? To me that is priceless. 

If I was you in your position knowing now what it feels like to be on the other side I would RUN to get my credit card and scream with joy because I will finally learn what it takes to lose weight.  

Join The Academy now to feel as confident as Rihanna wearing a see through dress.


IMPORTANT: You should be able to register straight after payment - if you do not click back to website after paymemt - you should receive email to register! Also check junk mail! If you have problems registering please email for support.