Manifestation is the process of bringing something into reality through thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions.

It involves working through your subconscious beliefs that have been there for MANY years, sabotaging your ability to keep weight off, regardless how much effort you put in.

It involves aligning your desires with intentional focus and allowing them to materialize through directed effort and alignment with universal principles.

The Ultimate Group Experience For Babes Wanting

Law of Attraction & Psychology Approach To Weight Loss!!

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YES! I'm in!

You have literally tried every diet. You have lost and gained the same weight over and over again for your whole life

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

It's time we looked at the bigger picture here....

There are patterns that you are practicing that are keeping you from feeling in control around food and being able to stick to a weight loss strategy

It isn't just about your motivation and discipline, weight loss is not meant to be THAT hard...

It is your conditioning that determines how you BEHAVE and the DECISIONS you make,

Your conditioning also determines your beliefs about your body and food and whether or not you see problems or solutions...

and conditioning is about your CHILDHOOD & teenage years...

it is not "fixed" with dieting alone.

In FACT your dieting has probably ADDED to the initial wounds and shame that surrounds your weight, confidence and eating behaviours.

In FACT dieting has probably REINFORCED your limting beliefs about your body and what it's capable of.

In FACT the Chronic Dieting Identity has ADDED to the inflammation and appetite dysregulation in your body.

We have to dig deeper into the root causes behind your weight issue

Your patterns around food & weight can stem back to childhood wounds

You have also had years of dieting wounds on top of that

You feel jealous everytime you see another person succeeding at weight loss or flaunting their body

You owe it to yourself to dig deep into your mind and figure this out once and for all

This isn't your ordinary, cookie-cut dieting program. If you are looking for the perfect diet and exercise routine - this coaching isn't for you...

This is about digging deep into the uncomfortable stuff, the emotions you repress and the self sabotaging habits you practice around food

I will teach/mentor/coach you and a small group of other like-minded women for a session via zoom each week for

2 hour sessions and walkie talkie voice notes throughout the week

If you have felt powerless and out of control around what to do with your weight then this is where you get to change your life forever

The key to sustainable weight loss is to shift the subconscious reasons why you keep the weight on and then navigate through a gentle releasing of the weight

In my eyes you should be combining psychology,

law of attraction to determine the reasons for self sabotage and then use simple practical strategies to lose the weight

I was one of those people who couldn't lose weight even though I knew everything about diets & exercise

I will guide you through the process of strategy & spiritual, we will address any self sabotaging thought patterns that come up each week





What's Involved:


WEEKLY 2 hour group coaching sessions

This is a


You will be able to ask me specific questions and receive coaching around weight loss, macros tracking, emotional eating, limiting beliefs, inner child work etc. All sessions will be recorded and replay link posted in voxer group chat.

We will be doing mindset work around self sabotage and law of attraction work to ensure you are in alignment during your weight loss journey.

This container assumes you are self-led and are practicing awareness of your patterns and have done self-development and healing work on a regular basis (this is not recommended if you are new to self-development.)

This is not a container for those seeking fast weight loss, this is a container for those ready to work on their life-long weight struggles and understand that subconscious rewiring is the most permanent option and that this process takes repetition.

This is not a replacement for psychotherapy, it is not mental health care and not suitable for individuals who require a lot of work that is more suited to seeing a mental health care professional. (you may use this in conjunction with psychotherapy if your mental health care professional allows it and many find this work to support their journey alongside therapy)

This is not treatment or diagnosis of mental health disorders or ED's, this is not trauma healing, or any other condition that requires psychotherapy or medical attention.

This is suitable for individuals who are self-aware and recognizing their own patterns and want to be led from a law of attraction combined with science perspective!

The biggest mistake I see with weight loss strategy is that people try to force themselves to fit in with the strategy instead of getting the strategy to fit in with them

With the right mentality, some of you might choose to gently track your food intake, it can help with: 

  • building/maintaining a strong metabolism 
  • having more control/predictibility around weight loss
  • freedom with foods
  • learning portion control


I teach you how to gain control around food & weight

without the drama

without the obsession

without the dieting mentality

I will coach, mentor & guide you on how to:

  • Find the root causes of your weight issue
  • Reparent your inner wounded child
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Working through poor body image and shame to decrease inflammation
  • See the ways in which codependency lead to a weight issue
  • Identify issues around money mindset & relationships causing you to turn to food
  • Identify avoidance patterns
  • How to know if you are ready for weight loss how to get ready
  • Overcome self-sabotaging behaviours
  • What to do when you vere off track with weight loss
  • Situations that you shouldn't track
  • How to lose weight in a light energy VS restrictive and obsessive
  • How to approach weight loss from "downstream" law of attraction perspective, rather that "upstream" of pushing and obsession
  • What to do when you are always hungry
  • Working on blocks around strategy and when self sabotaging comes up
  • What to do when you feel like giving up
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating
  • Uncovering Unmet Needs And Desires Blocking Weight Loss
  • Expanding Into Your New Identity
  • Manifesting Other Desires That Are Connected To Your Weight
  • Transitioning into intuitive eating
  • Getting out of dieting mentality
  • Overcoming dieting "wounds" (when your body stores memories of past diets)
  • Overcoming needing control and deprivation around dieting
  • Reprogramming your self sabotaging thought patterns
  • Changing your perception of what feels hard around weight loss


1. How is this different to other programs? 

This program is about looking at your life-long subconscious patterns that have led you to gain weight. Instead of understanding why weight issues manifest, individuals develop chronic dieting, which in itself causes more of the problems. In my program we look at addressing the root causes of weight and food issues in the context of the subconscious mind and nervous system. I combine law of attraction with strategy, so I will teach you how it's first and foremost about the energy in which you do the things and take action, not the action itself. I pull you up on bullshit limiting beliefs BUT will also help you with strategy.

2. I'm not really concerned about law of attraction and my mindset. I want perfection around my eating and my body & want to learn about my perfect macro ratio & want to know how to factor in micronutrients. Is this program for me?

No, this program isn't for you. My program is about law of attraction and being intuitive and maybe some light tracking. But mainly about healing the conditioning that causes issues around weight and food.

3. I am looking for specific nutrition advice, is this program for me?

I am not a dietician. I have qualifications that enable me to give general nutritional advice and meal planning. However this is not a program that will give you such in depth advice, I recommend you speak to a dietician in conjunction with the program if you need something specific around nutrition.

4. Does this program give recipes?

No. Giving out recipes is not what this mastermind is about. I can if you wish to, help you with strategies on how to lose weight through counting macros with a law of attraction approach. But mainly this is about your relationship to your dieting strategy, it is bigger than how you perceive your weight loss to be about.

5. Does this program give specific workout routines?

No. I am qualified as a personal trainer but do not offer specific workout plans. I can however offer you general advice about your current workout routine and tweaking for fat/weight loss. 

6. Will this program be suitable for me if I am not into law of attraction/manifestation? 

No, this is specifically designed for people who are into law of attraction and manifestation and I assume that you gave a basic knowledge of manifestation already. The foundation of this program is based on spiritual principles tied into science strategy and intuition.

7. Will you cover strategies for emotional eating? 

Yes, because this is group coaching with hot seat free form coaching you will receive in depth help with your particular situation.

8. What is this program specifically for?

This program is about supporting you through the mindset & strategy around your weight & food issues so that you are compliant and lose weight. I will teach you how to enhance your metabolism, overcome dieting wounds and emotional eating, overcome obstacles, stabilize your weight and improve your relationship with food and your body. The foundation is law of attraction and I know why people sabotage their weight loss strategy. It is due to the dieting mentality and the energy around the strategy. This group coaching program will be there to support you through all of this.

9. Do you offer refunds?

No. Strictly no refunds. Once you have committed to 3 months you are committed, there is no early exit out of the program, even if you do not participate and no refunds available, sales are final.

10. What if I can't show up to every session? You can watch the replay provided and will also get voxer support throughout the week, for best results I recommend you show up to get the most out of the experience

The whole process throughout is about dieting without the dieting mentality.

Please email if you have any questions.

11. Will I be able to cancel my membership?

No. This is 3 monthly coaching container and you are obligated to pay the full 3 months even if you do not participate. You will not be charged after the 3 month period. STRICTLY NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

12. Can you guarantee results and weight loss?

I can only meet you where you are now. People are at various stages in regards to their subconscious beliefs about food and weight. This work is an ACTIVE process, not a PASSIVE PROCESS, meaning you have to do the work, I can't possess your body and make you think new thoughts and connect to your body to cultivate new feelings and vibration. So it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee results. I generally have a very HIGH amount of testimonials.

Weekly group coaching sessions (total of 12 sessions) to be held Monday 7pm EST)

We start

Monday 22nd July 2024 at

7pm EST

Voxer Support Daily Mon-Fri - Highly active very involved group chat. You will be very supported in this container on your journey!

You get support via the closest way to get access to me! Group voxer messaging. Meaning you can voxer (voice message) me for support during the week when you need support between sessions. (Voxer messages will be part of a group not private)

You get support around law of attraction, overcoming emotional eating, dieting trauma, overcoming deprivation, fears and overcoming your dieting mentality around counting macros to manifest weight loss

Here's What The Babes Are Saying About The Group Coaching:

I just wanted to send over my testimonial for your Group Coaching and Emerge, from when I took part in it last year. 

I am SO SORRY it took so long!!! I am going through Emerge properly for the second time now (although I'm always listening to it while I'm in the shower haha), and I appreciate the content so much, so now I just couldn't wait any longer with sending you this testimonial. 

It's been hard to put in words on how much I've appreciate this to be honest, and I think that's why it was so hard for me to write it. But here it is....

If you want to lose weight, Emerge and group coaching is your solution! 

I’ve been working with Barbara through her Group Coaching and Emerge, and after struggling with eating disorders, yo-yo dieting and struggles around eating healthy for more than 15 years, I have finally been able to lose weight - in a comfortable way! 

Barbara has introduced me to a whole new world of thinking around weight loss, and she chunks it up in easily digestible pieces that allow you to take it all step by step. 

Before working with Barbara, I had been plateauing for more than 1.5 years, and after having worked with Barbara,

I’ve now lost 16 pounds!! 

It is still baffling to me how I did it all without bingeing once, without feeling any pressure, and all along feeling safe, comfortable, relaxed and GOOD! 

I swear, I will use Barbara’s teachings around health and weight loss for the rest of my life - and if you think that her podcast is helpful - just wait until you join one of her programs!

Thank you so much, Barbara! 

Christine Krogfoss

Barbara is absolutely AMAZING!!! 

Her combination of real life tips & manifestation knowledge is the perfect way to shift your mindset away from one of dieting to one of possibility and positivity. 

She opens doors that you probably never even knew existed which will show you a new approach to losing weight through manifestation & shifting your energy & mind.  

Barbara came into my life at the time I needed help the most. I was at my lowest I have ever been with my binge/emotional eating. I was coming close to constantly eating all day, every day and of course, you never binge on carrots! 

It was a vicious cycle I was stuck in – you eat to avoid your feelings, you feel better momentarily before feeling awful both physically & mentally so you turn to food to cope with the horrible feelings. 

And the cycle starts again – it’s like you’re in a trance. 

At the time, I was unable to cope with anything in a healthy manner. I couldn’t cope with having to work at my job. I couldn’t cope with my weight that seemed to be steadily rising over the last few years despite all of the dieting and exercise I had done.

 I couldn’t cope with all of the decisions I had to make while planning my wedding. Really, I just couldn’t cope with life. So, I used food to deal with it which meant I could avoid it.  

I had gotten to a point where I felt so powerless around food and felt hopeless to the point where I believed that I was forever destined to live my life in this way. 

Then along came Barbara and the group coaching - I was truly scared & thought “how is this going to be different than everything else I tried” but my intuition (and desperation) told me to join anyway. 

I remember being on the first few coaching calls thinking to myself “I’m never going to be like her, I’ll always be controlled by food” while feeling so hopeless. 

It felt like it was never ending and that any progress that I could make was so far away. But I continued to show up and work on my mindset and energy. 

Then, one day something just clicked and I no longer felt that hopelessness. I started having less & less binging which led to me starting to feel better both emotionally and physically. 

Once I felt better, it was easier for me to control myself around food and now I actually enjoy my food! 

It all came together and I am finally starting to feel like myself again! And the best part…

I LOST 7 POUNDS during this process and I wasn’t even dieting!!! 

I ate what wanted but I approached it from a different energy & mindset which made all the difference thanks to Barbara’s teachings & support!  

Barbara’s process doesn’t involve low calories, cutting food groups or depriving yourself. 

I ate whatever I wanted during her group coaching program because it is all about your mindset & energy. 

I worked VERY HARD on my shifting my mindset and energy but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT! 

I know it will be a slow & steady process but it will last a lifetime. I couldn’t be more proud of myself for where I was and where I am today and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance, support & wisdom of Barbara! 

I cannot thank her enough because there are no words to express my true appreciation and gratitude for the work she does! 

 HIGHLY RECOMMEND everything she offers and if you have the opportunity to work with her directly......

I say jump on it – you will not regret it!!!

- Bri-Anne

Barbara's group coaching program on manifesting weight loss revolutionized how I view my body, and the weight loss process.  

She has a wealth of info re: both biology and the psychology of dieting. Barbara has been there before, so she knows the exact limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and she teaches you how to overcome them.  

Before working with Barb, I knew I was undereating but I didn't understand how that was hindering my health goals, or how it was really another way of abandoning myself. It was conditioned into me as a child by both society and the adults around me.  

Weight loss after the program has been easy and so aligned. 

I'm no longer eating 1200 calories and wondering why my body won't function properly. Now when I plateau, I immediately think, am I eating enough?? The total opposite of what I used to ask before. My choices come from deep appreciation for the ways in which my body supports me everyday.  

Thank you, Barb for that shift in perspective...miracle!

Ps. I've lost 8 lbs in the last month!!!

- Loraine Martinez Bellamy -

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What Other's Are Saying About Working With Barbara:

Before Meeting Barbara I was anxious and stuck in a binge cycle. Feeling peace and stability with my weight was impossible before Barbara's help.

I was stuck and hopeless for so long with food and my weight. After being stuck in shame and dieting for so long this is my biggest dreams come true, I'm so grateful,

working with Barbara changed my LIFE.

I manifested my goal body measurements I needed for my dream job, and I lost even more weight than I initially expected, manifesting my dream body and I've kept it off for 3 years, despite times not working out and partying overseas, my weight remains stable.

Barbara is so incredibly skilled and loving in what she does. I quantum leapt in a way my mind could not fathom, but that my soul knew I could.

Thank you beyond words Barbara!

Grace Lenan - @manifesting_with_grace

Manifestation Coach for Performers

l was always so confused about how l could sometimes lose weight but never keep it off long term. I didn't identify as an emotional eater at all but l've gained and lost the same 20-30 lbs so many times in the past! 

With Barbara, the first session alone was worth it!

I really wasn't in my body at all and Barbara taught me how to come home to it in a way l've never experienced.

Even as a therapist! I'm a better human and therapist/coach because of my work with her.

I lost over 18 lbs in the first 8 weeks and that tells me my body was READY for what Barbara had to offer.

It's been a year now and I've kept that weight off and now my body is naturally releasing and I'm losing even more weight!

I can't recommend Barbara and her work enough!

Cher Anderton -Therapist/Coach

Meet Boss Babe Kimberley Wenya Living A Rich Nomad Lifestyle Working with Barbara on my "no diet" has actually changed my life at a deeper level than I knew was possible. I thought that I "got" food and what being healthy was, but I didn't realise that there were so many confused and unhealthy beliefs behind the salads I was eating or the bread I wasn't eating. From working with her, I've been able to shift my mindset around food to a place where I could eat bread, but I'll only have it if I really want to. I no longer feel restricted in what I can or cannot have and I feel so FREE and abundant in the food realm now! If you have eating triggers or issues, this girl will help you uncover them!! Thanks Barbara girl xo

I know you are ready to gain more control around food, improve your metabolism & lose weight babe let's do this! 

Manifest Your Dream Body & Life - women in the group have also had improved relationships & promotions as well as more control around food, weight loss, improved metabolism and overcoming binge eating & emotional eating

This type of Manifestation work improves so many aspects of your life!

LIMITED SPOTS, once they are filled they are filled only 5-6 spots.


So sign up NOW to secure your spot!!! Last round was FULL!

Barbara's Clients, even prestigious therapists and coaches are blown away by Barbara's depth and vast knowledge of multiple aspects of weight issues.

Please note if you are looking for something more personalised and a higher level of support please DM @nodietbabe on instagram for private coaching packages

This is a 3 month commitment. NO REFUNDS. NO OPTION TO CANCEL,


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